January 7, 2015


What we offer is a variety of workforce solutions. For starters, three flexible hiring arrangements:



Get the immediate help you need with no risk and zero waste of time and money.


If for any reason your new resource is not a fit, we will replace the candidate – no questions asked.



Get to try before you buy qualified candidates to see if they are a longer-term fit. When we place contract-to-hire talent in your organization, we continue to support that talent by onboarding, monitoring performance, conflict resolution and managing payroll, taxes, insurance, benefits, and separation agreements.

PinPoint Resources appreciates the challenges and opportunities that technology organizations face, because this is where we excel – identifying, recruiting, placing and supporting great talent. We help you get it done, thanks to a combination of these four elements:


Between our Managing Partners and internal talent, we have centuries of collective, real-world experience.


Which means we have the proof-positive, get-it-done accountability that you trust and appreciate.


We like to know everything we can about your business, needs, culture and preferences. We use our internal, time-tested infrastructure to match your specific needs in background, skills and personality.


And we service you through a blend of high-touch, high-tech, high-trust support. At PinPoint Resources, our mission is to help you do more, for less.

“The Art of Recruiting” – a Documentary by Lavoie Studios

Pinpoint Resources CEO and President, Mark Hall, was recently invited to participate in a think tank docufilm, bringing together top recruiters in the country. 

Why talk about the Art of Recruiting? Recruiting is both an art AND a science. The science side has been emphasized too much while the art has been lost. The art of recruiting is about human relationship and cannot be automated. We do not sell someone something they do not need, but are matchmakers trying to bring about a mutually beneficial relationship. We want to leave a positive legacy for the next generation by capturing and recording the art of our craft.

Watch Episode 1 here:

Channels We Service

PinPoint works with organizations across the technology channel, including:

  • Software Companies
  • Value-Add Resellers
  • Solution/Service Providers
  • Value-Add Distributors
  • Consultants & Systems Integrators
  • Original Equipment Manufacturers
  • Enterprise IT/IS Departments

We partner with our clients to identify your exact requirements.

Resources We Deliver

PinPoint Resources covers the entire technology talent chain, including:

  • Business Consultants
  • System Engineers
  • Software Analysts
  • Database Administrators
  • Graphic Designers
  • Social Media Experts
  • IT Asset Managers
  • Process Analysts
  • Security Administrators
  • Quality Assurance Managers
  • Help Desk Technicians
  • Compliance Officers
  • Project Managers
  • Hardware Technicians
  • Infrastructure Managers
  • Requirements Analysts
  • Developers, of every language