January 7, 2015

Why Us?

Why use a Professional Staffing Firm?

  • You can upsize and downsize quickly as needed
  • You get a specialized skillset in a consultant for a specialized need
  • Consultants can transfer specialized experience and knowledge to your permanent staff
  • You assume no risk and are responsible for no hidden hiring costs
  • You save time in searching, screening, and checking references of candidates

Why Consult?

  • Consulting gives you diverse technology and industry experience
  • Diverse experiences lead to greater career opportunities
  • Consultants have a higher earning potential
  • Consulting enables you to stay up to date on new technologies
  • Rub shoulders with many talented professionals across many industries
  • You have the flexibility to choose your career trajectory
  • You have the flexibility to choose your work environment, from home, the office, or relocation to new state

Why use us?

  • We have relationships already in place with pre-screened and proven talent
  • You receive a handful of screened professionals instead of a flood of unqualified resumes, saving you time
  • The candidates we provide are actively looking for a career change and are not going to waste your time
  • We practice a culture of serving others with excellence and integrity and have found it to bring an enriching perspective to all aspects of client relationships
  • We bring 20+ years of experience in professional IT staffing and placement services
  • We love what we do – corporate matchmaking. We are driven by the successful hire!

Why use us?

  • We value our employees and take good care of you
  • By being our employee, you have an array of personal and professional tools at your disposal
  • We practice a culture of serving others and have found it to bring an enriching perspective to all aspects of life, not just the workplace
  • You have many career opportunities through our expertise and relationships in the industry
  • We help you put your best foot forward when we represent you
  • You get reliable wisdom from our many years of experience staffing in the IT industry
  • We are your support team and cheerleader through the interview, hiring process, and beyond
  • You can lean on our support infrastructure for benefits, payroll, training, and other perks
  • PinPoint Resources is happy to be your advocate for career success